Hi, I'm Shawna and I am a lover of vintage.
I am also the sole creator behind this modest clothing shop. My obsession with clothing of the past and experience as a vintage picker has greatly influenced my creative life and my designs. Primarily, I am inspired by the 1960s and 1970s counter-cultural movement, by the late 1980s and 1990s rave-era DIYism, and by street and club fashion. I am also inspired by the construction and attention to detail of vintage garments.
Originally I was on a path to becoming a visual artist where I fulfilled a fine arts degree at Emily Carr University, working textiles into my art. From there I was involved with installation art pieces in and around Vancouver, and I hand-painted and screen-printed t-shirts. A growing interest in fashion led me to employment with vintage clothing businesses, which were an emergent rabbit hole into the passion that would let me explore all that inspired me.
I am grateful. I have always had an interest in clothing design since I was young making my own clothes at home and now it is my way of life.


Sourcing and selecting the fabrics is a major part of my creative process. Many, if not all of the fabrics used in my designs have been sourced second hand as remnants or have been reclaimed from vintage textiles. Frequently, the fabrics themselves have informed the garment design.

I strive to create long-lasting garments that are environmentally sustainable and recycling is another passion of mine.

All fabrics are washed prior to use (except for dry clean only fabrics); all garments are steamed or ironed in the creation process. Due to the nature of vintage and reclaimed fabrics, some traces of a past life may be present. In this case, it will be noted in the description. 

COVID-19 Precautions

Rest assured, I take COVID-19 seriously and follow all the necessary precautions. Sanitation and social distancing practices are implemented and I will strive to produce and deliver your orders in the safest way possible.